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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  December 3, 2015 10:00pm-11:01pm EST

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bernardino describes the horror what he saw. >> toddler in a cloud pot smoke. what police say was happening behind the camera makes this even more troubling. your news in 30 seconds. right now a chilling account from the first officer on seen in yesterday's massacre in california. as we get our first look at just some of the fire power on the
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suspects were they were stopped by police. enough ammunition and explosives to continue their deadly spree. good evening, i'm iain page. >> i'm lucy noland. investigators say the husband and wife attackers used military style rifles when they opened fire at a christmas party in san bernardino yesterday. 14 people died. 21 are hurt. late tonight authorities said almost all the victims were county employees and police now say the shooter has 1600 rounds of unused ammunition on them when they died and another 3,000 in their home along with 12 pipe bombs. tonight, the first officer on scene yesterday's shooting described what he saw. >> it was unspeakable. the carnage that we were seeing, the number of people who were injured and unfortunately already dead, and the pure panic on the face of those individuals that were still in need -- needing to be safe.
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>> tonight we're also learning more about the people who did not survive yesterday's deadly attacks. one of those 14 victims had a long history here in our area. he has not lived in south jersey for more than a decade but the people who new him best are feeling the spring his unexpected death. fox 29's jennifer joyce reports from linwood, delaware county where she spoke with the victim's ex-wife. >> we had to go and get my youngest son from work and break the news to him. >> reporter: grieve and heartbreak close to home following mass murders of 14 people in san bernardino, california and annette ex-husband nick was among the dead. the couple has two grown sons together. ages 24 and 26. who live in pennsylvania and new jersey. >> they're both obviously grieving. you don't expect to go to bed and wake up the next morning and find out that your father is gone especially under such tragic circumstances. >> reporter: nicholas lived
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and worked in cape may county, new jersey from 1988 until early 2002 as and environmental health inspector. >> we always remember nick as, um, someone who was dedicated to public service. we met in an ambulance service. we worked together. >> reporter: he work hard to keep the public safe. according to nick's former boss cape may county freeholder director jerry thornton. >> i remember him distinctly because he was such a stickler for all the laws and regulations, and people used to say this guy is tough. >> his current wife jennifer told la times that her husband worked with the shooter syed far rook at the san barn health department environmental services division. as far as she knew the two got along. she had a better husband, had strong religious views but never indicated having in sort of personal conflict with farouk. has news of his death spread many friends took to his facebook page to express their condolences as his family,
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3,000 miles away, is doing tonight. >> my oldest son james, my youngest son and jacob and i were heart broken for jennifer and for the community in the san bernardino area. >> reporter: and it was tough for annette to talk with us tonight and we appreciate her willingness to share some information about a man who meant so much to the community. iain and lucy. >> jennifer, thank you. as we learn more names of those victims investigators are busy trying to answer some of the biggest questions namely how and why these attacks happened. fox's carolyn shively is wads. the shooting on the president's mind tonight in the capitol ci city. >> reporter: you're right, iain. did he speak about this just outside of the white house as he lit up the national christmas tree. take a listen. >> their loss is our loss, too, for we're all one american family. we look out for each other. in good times and in bad.
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>> reporter: earlier today the president said the nation needs new gun laws that is what we're expecting in washington for the president and democrats in congress to be pushing new legislation. however, today the senate did vote against expanding background checks. right now as the law stands you have to have a background check if you buy your gun from a dealer. this legislation would have expanded that to online sales and person to person sales. it failed in the senate. lucy, back to you. >> caroline shively reporting live from washington, d.c. thank you. hundreds of officers rushed in to help usher people to safety at the shooting scene. now one video captured those harrowing moments inside and it's going viral tonight showing authorities trying to calm down terrified people. >> thank you. thank you. relax. relax. i'll take a bullet before you that's for damn sure. just be cool. >> a woman who work signed the
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building recorded the video. when the news breaks we've got you covered with the fox 29 news app. watch our live coverage streaming and get alerts sent right to your phone. just search in the apple and google play stores. on your radar, chill setting in life look from center city tonight where the christmas tree will be lit at love park tomorrow night. kathy it definitely will feel like winter out there tomorrow. >> it certainly will, iain. we're talking about some wind tonight and some wind chills come tomorrow morning. temperatures really bottoming out as well tomorrow night when there's not any wind out there. right now ultimate doppler showing few sprinkles in north jersey. other than that a few clouds to the north and west of the city but skies will be clearing during the overnight. 44 still in philadelphia. pottstown 42. 47 in the pocono mountains in wilmington we're down to 39. but the wind is making it feel colder. winds out of the west at 13 miles an hour. in philadelphia making it feel like it's only around 30 degrees. in the city overnight we're going for 36. wake up in the suburbs to freezing temperatures.
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little frost on the windshield perhaps. grab the winter coat because it is going to be cold start. here's what it will be feeling like during the early morning hours. by 7am, you hit the road, it will be feeling like 30 in philadelphia. 28 in pottstown. 28 millville and in allentown it will be feeling like 27. that's the december chill. but it's not going to last that long. we'll take a look at your seven day forecast including the weekend coming up. >> talk to you then kathy. fire investigators in new castle county trying to figure out what started a deadly fire inside a hotel room. skyfox above the budget motor lodge in new castle earlier tonight. firefighters say they beat back the flames hadn't it under control in about 30 minutes. but they say a person trapped inside their room did not make the out alive. the delaware state fire marsha marshal's office has not yet identified the victims. >> hours earlier skyfox flying high above the scene of a shooting in newark, delaware. police say someone opened fire on a man in the parking lot of the macintosh plaids sam paramedic got him to christiana hospital. we don't know yet how badly he's
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hurt although police say he should be okay. investigators are still looking for the shooter. a warning for parents in bucks county. one day after reports of a child luring attempt. lower makefield police say it happened yesterday morning as nine-year-old girl waited for a schoolbus. she told investigator as man driving a white work van approached her near sheffield and covering ton roads. she described him as bald with black and gray beard with black t-shirt on. if you know anything about this, give police a call. a philadelphia police officer accept to the hospital after an accident early this morning. it was all caught on surveillance cameras. a 24th district police officer hit a traffic police around 9:00 this morning at the corner of allegheny avenue and jasper street. neighbors and bystanders rushed to pull that veteran officer from the wreckage. police say the cop was responding to a call with his lights and sirens on when a car hit him. witnesses say that car was actually making a u-turn incredibly both the officer and drive had only minor injuries. we have now entered the sixth month without a state
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budget in pennsylvania. here's a consequence you might not have thought about. women in abusive relationships having no way out. that is what some domestic violence counselors are saying is happening because harrisburg cannot get its act together. fox 29's brad sattin live in center city to explain why. brad? >> reporter: welling we can tell you we're outside the office office an agency no non non-profit called women in transition. they serve 2,000 women ever year helping to get thermous of abusive relationships by planning a strategy and then by actually doing it. but the doing it part has gotten a whole lot tougher because of a lack of state money. the center city office of women in transition is itself now in transition. >> since 1985, has it ever been this bad? >> never. >> reporter: that says a lot coming from the woman whose run it for 30 years. she hasn't been able to pay the rent here for months and her staff's next paycheck will be their last until something changes in a hurry. >> if we don't get some money, we're in big trouble.
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>> reporter: hers is one of kate 60 agencies in the state serving domestic abuse victims that release on state and federal funding. no state budget from lawmakers means that funding has been on hold now for five months. for women in transition it totals $300,000 that would have been used in part to pay the rent to get women out of abusive homes. but no money means no moving out. >> staying in a and abuse seive relationship because we have no funds to be ail to support her leaving. >> i don't know how these legislator which is go home at night and sleep knowing that they are pretty much devastating a network of non-profits across the state that help some of the most vulnerable pennsylvanians. >> reporter: governor's office tells us the pennsylvania constitution mandates that no money shall be paid without a budget in place and while there are exceptions for the health, safety and protection of pennsylvanians, domestic abuse apparently wasn't among them. this week some federal money was finally freed up but it's not
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going to be enough. governor's office believed it didn't have the authority to release it until it got quote additional guidance from the feds. some believe that guidance was more like a demand. >> it was the fed that put the pressure on the governor to release the money. i think he was told. >> reporter: and so at least little bit of federal money was freed up for women in transition it only totals about $16,000, again, they're waiting for about $300,000. plan b at this point is not a good one. to ask employees to start working in a couple of weeks without pay. so hopefully there will be a budget sometime soon. iain? >> all right. let's hope so, brad. thank you. emotional testimony this afternoon during the arraignment of a man police say murdered a woman and her baby. 3484 old ricardo santiago remains in jail tonight on $2 million. $1 million for each victim much police say he murdered 34-year-old neidy ramirez and her three month old daughter. family members cried as graphic
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details of that case came to light today in court. ♪ >> appalling video posted on facebook. that's a toddler smoke wagon looks like pot. and getting high incredibly this gets worse. what police say is happening behind the camera and -- >> you're not cooperating with the police. i've been wrapped up like a biscuit in a piece of plastic for three days. >> going off about what he's forced to wear in jail. what he's accused of of doing that landed him in jail in the first place. and flames erupt on his driveway a mom and her young children are inside. what that guy set on fire the homeowner proves he's just jealous. >> cops say it's a billion dollars industry. people in our area stealing cigarettes. how it could be connected to terrorism. >> getting pulled over in south jersey. drivers expect a ticket but there's no fine. the surprise from local officers tonight that brought some to tears.
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police in new castle county want to get this pair of package thieves off the street. you're looking at 25-year-old brandon tony and 21-year-old michael leary. investigators say they swiped packages from the front of a home in bear on monday. the homeowner surveillance video showed two men loading those items into a car with south carolina tags. police used that footage to id the men. they're now after. five new jersey elementary school kids are suspended tonight. police say they tried to set off a bomb at a school. children are 10 and 11 years old. police say they were planning to set off an explosive device during a field trip at clifton
10:15 pm
high school yesterday. officers say they had a device filled with vinegar and cinnamon later determined to be non explosive. staff at the kids elementary school allegedly uncovered written plans of the attack and then contacted the cops. the children have been release to do their parents. a new jersey mom is threat threatening to sue the tsa because of what she says happened before her flight back to philadelphia. her son has cerebral palsy and autism. she says agents at atlanta's hartsfield jackson international airport handle add tut chi situation the wrong way. fox's george franco has the story. >> he's 21 year old. he has cerebral palsy. he's autistic. he's non verbal. he has seizures. >> reporter: dion haines spoke to me about her adult disabled son antoine via skype from new jersey where they lived. she and antoine in a guest wheelchair passing through the tsa checkpoint at hartsfield jackson international. she says things turned ugh whole tsa agent went to search antoi antoine. >> i said, you can just wait.
10:16 pm
let me grab my items off of the bag -- i mean off the belt because i want to watch you search my son. so he proceeded to tell me, no, he's going to go ahead don his job. i said no again. >> miss haines says she's very protective antoine after she claims he was fondled and mistreated by a tsa agent a few months ago. >> i didn't like the way that they searched him. so from this moment on i decided that i was going to be in his presence from now on any time he got searched. >> she admits she reactioned strong whole they atlanta tsa agent refused to let her be present during the search of her son. >> he kept saying you're impeding the process. that was when my voice went from zero to like 300 in a matter of seconds. i screamed, you are not going to move my son or search my son out of my presence! >> his mains was not slowing down security since they were moved to the sign. tsa called police which resulted
10:17 pm
in her being present for antoine's search and they catching the plane to f they she tells me it's unclear why he's been flagged for searching. she's consulting with an attorney what she believes were violations of the americans with disabilities act. >> it's ho unacceptable how my n was treated and how i was treated. i'm going to file a discrimination lawsuit on tsa. >> written statement a tsa representative said, it's looking into the allegations and "the tsa will work directly with passenger to address any concerns he/she has about the screening experience". >> upsetting news for local woman ready to get a new kidney this week. after suffering from kidney vail failure 32-year-old nina sa. ia was ready for the life changing operation. donor turned out to be a complete stranger who stumbled on to and answered her desperate craigslist ad. just this week doctors at the hospital of university of
10:18 pm
pennsylvania found a chronic disease in his liver. the hospital says it called off the transplant. saria upset but still hopeful the donor will come forward. >> hopefully it will work out. >> flashing lights and sirens that's what many drivers saw tonight in one burlington county community. police there have been pulling over motorists for variety of minor infractions tonight. >> but there's a twist all of them drove away smiling. how could that be? bruce gordon joins us live in westampton township with a story of unusual holiday program from police. bruce? >> reporter: yeah, guys. we've all been there. a long day at work or school, you're on your way home and suddenly a police officer pulling you over. then comes the ticket. the points on your license. the jacked up insurance rates. your day is ruined and so maybe is your view of police unless -- >> it's not very predictable. one of the reasons i like it. it keeps me on my toes. >> reporter: veteran patrol officer michelle in the home stretch much her 12 hour shift
10:19 pm
setting up dark and quiet along wood lane road looking for law breakers. >> it's how you approach people. that's all. >> reporter: this shift will be like any other which becomes clear when she stops this blue chevy impala for a minor infraction. >> you have a health out. >> reporter: instead of writing kent robinson a ticket she hands him a $5 gift card to dunkin' donuts. >> this is not going to be on tv? >> not a spoof. >> westampton holiday gift card program is designed to turn the dreaded traffic stop into a positive. lieutenant roger rogers came up with the idea. >> our effort to change the narrative on the disconnect between the and the community. >> officer ed stopped sam saw him using his cell phone while driving. >> i'm going give you gift card for $5 to dunkin' donuts. >> serious. >> happy holidays. >> thank you so much. >> you have a blessed holiday. >> i'm still shocked about it.
10:20 pm
i think i'm on punked or something. i'm waiting for ash shouldn't kutcher to come out. >> i don't know how their day went. you know what i mean. they could have tragedy in their family. something happened. >> moments later she pulls over a sports car driven too fast. by samantha craig. >> you're going 56. the speed limit is 40. instead of writing a ticket i'll give you a $5 gift card. happy holidays. >> oh my gosh, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> you have no idea. >> why the tears. >> my dad passed away a couple months ago and that was very kind. i'm having a rough year. it was very kind of her to do for me. i appreciated it very much. >> it's really nice to be able to make somebody's day even though you're still doing your job, you're still able to have an impact on someone else's live in a positive way. >> reporter: this tonight was a practice run for this program. lieutenant rogers says they will likely tweak a bit and run it throughout the holiday season.
10:21 pm
those lights in your veer rue view mirror never look so good, iain. >> definitely not, bruce. great story. national guard helicopter flying over bucks county spots something a little odd. turns out illegal watch they saw that ended in a huge police bu bust. >> it can be one of the biggest problems when you order an you be uber car. this big change coming will change how you spot your driver. and phillies own will smith owes all of his success to one ex-girlfriend. what happened in west philly that got him on his way. >> that's fresh prince. there you go. ♪ ♪ this holiday season, my good friend gave to me ♪ ♪ 7 powerball tickets
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>> now your winning lottery numbers. ♪ explosion and fire ripped through a national gas processing plant injuring two people just south of the new mexico texas border. spokeswoman says they have accounted for 200 people who work at the plant much the fire has been contained to one area of the plant. buses were used to evacuate the workers as precaution. the injuries to two people were minor. back and forth and forting back for olympian oscar pistorius now it's back to prison. appeals court found him guilty of murder. that ruling throws out an earlier conviction of man saturday slaughter by a lesser court. he was released to house arrest
10:25 pm
in october. pistorius could now go to prison for as long as 15 years. pistorius shot and killed steenkamp in 2013 saying he thought she was an intruder in his home. a mom was home with her children one night when someone started banging on their door. >> their driveway was on fire. more specifically, a pile of fire wood caught on surveillance video the guy police say poured gas on the pile of wood and set it on fire. then he runs to his car and takes off. flames so hot they melted the bumper and the side of the car in the driveway. >> my thought was the car was going to explode and i would have to -- grab the kids and get out of the house. >> that mom says she and her husband sell fire wood to make extra cash during the holidays. she think who's ever did this is a competitor who may be jealous and trying to take away the competition. police say it's a billion dollar industry. people in our area stealing cigarettes and selling them. how this could be connected to terrorism.
10:26 pm
kathy? lucy, we're talking about cold air moving into the delaware valley overnight tonight and it's going to be sticking around for little while. a huge shift in temperature in the seven day forecast. we'll have that coming up. all right, kathy, thanks. one of the hottest items out there this holiday but why one country is now refusing to ship it out. ♪
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right now at 10:30 temperatures taking a drive across the region. live look at allentown tonight. could be coolin cooling off some areas for frost in the morning it won't last long. iain is happy about that. kathy is tracking a big change for your weekend in just minutes. in bucks county major pot growing operation busted thanks to some alert eyes in the sky. so take a good look at this photo. can you see it? not easy but the national guard team who flew above it, they saw it. $90,000 worth of pot is now off the streets. >> fox 29's karen hepp shows us the guy who cops say was growing it is in jail. >> reporter: can you spot the pot. the national guard spotted knit
10:30 pm
a second. thanks to a telltale clue. >> the color green is much different in the marijuana than it is in the surrounding foliage, and that's what they look for. they'll fly over vast areas of woods they'll just spot a different colored green. >> reporter: this big outdoor grow was hidden in plain site in falls township right along lower morrisville road and busy route 13 the dense woods gave good cover but not to those teams in the sky. next teams on the ground tramped and got dna off of water bottl bottles. >> what we can do now is we can take touch dna off of almost anything. if you touch a window, if you touch a tool, if you touch a bag of marijuana, we are able to get dna samples off of that send it to our lab. they will get us the dna and what we can do is then go back and, um, check the defendant that we have to see if it matches the dna. once it does there's really no dispute. >> reporter: next, detectives chop down all 24 pounds of
10:31 pm
marijuana. check out the hall. worth $90,000 on the street. and they set up these special cameras hidden up in the trees. all a sudden this guy came walking up the trail. police say he's 33-year-old daniel santos and the look on his face priceless. >> pretty funny we actually got his picture and his surprise look as, you know, his whole field was gone and you can see him, you know, very animated very upset someone took all his marijuana. >> that suspect is facing numerous drug charge and is in jail. did not make 10% of his $1 million bail. karen hepp, fox 29 news. >> take look at city hall tonight. isn't that pretty? looking like christmas. philadelphia mayor nutter kicked off the holiday season with the lighting of the christmas tree in center steam the 45 tree adorned with led lights. boy, that's pretty. hanukkah starts on sunday and to get ready for the jewish holiday the royals largest menorah is
10:32 pm
standing in front of independence national park right here in philadelphia. how beautiful is that? on saturday, a parade with more than thee hundred cars topped with menorahs will roll down the ben franklin parkway and end up at independence national park at sundown sunday the first candle will start shining for the start of hanukkah. all right. check what's on your ray door tonight. i can feel it being chilly out there, kathy. >> chilly in the studio. a sign of what's out there. yes. we're looking live at the airport and in philadelphia temperatures are still in the 40s it's going to get quite cool overnight. winds out of the west at 13 miles an hour. that is creating a wind chill haven't talk about that much this fall. it feels like it is 38 degrees. right now 44 in the city. 45 in allentown. 30s in the poconos. but we'll look at the northeast. temperatures fairly uniform in the 30's and the fours as soon as that whipped diminishes overnight the temperatures will fall pretty fast around here. we have a cold dome of high pressure that's working its way
10:33 pm
eastward and as it does, we'll see a gradual warmup. the high moves right over us by saturday and by sunday it moves off the coast. we get into a return flow, a southwesterly wind and that means warmer temperatures. so saturday and sunday will be feeling temperatures well above average for this time of year. so today's high 56. we're way down in the 50s during the day friday and slow increase in temperature over the course of the weekend but the key to this forecast is if you need to be outside to do anything, rake leaves, put out any holiday decorations, you have four dry days to do it and it will be sunny. i guess that's the bonus much overnight tonight, clearing skies. a chilly breeze with winds out of the northwest. in the city 36. in many of our suburbs around freezing. come tomorrow morning, you'll need the winter coat. 52 degrees by the afternoon so it will be pleasant and less win. by late in the afternoon winds will be out of the west about five to 10 miles an hour. that's it. the sky a deep blue with that cool canadian air mass sitting
10:34 pm
over us. the air very very dry. cold start to the day for your friday the temperature only 38. a chilly breeze by lunch time. we peak the temperature out with a seasonal high of 52 in the afternoon. and then a light wind during the dinner hour of course darkness will be upon us temperature of 47 degrees. of course, we have the kick off forecast. you can watch the eagles game here on fox 29 kick off 4:25 at gillette stadium in foxboro, massachusetts. temperatures in the 50's. unusual for new england. 52 at kickoff. by the end of the game 49 degrees. on your seven day forecast a cool friday but a pleasant friday. saturday 56. sunday, 60 degrees so when they light the menorah in the evening it will be beautiful temperatures will be in the 50s. monday is mild. our next chance of rain and wind is tuesday. this is a coastal storm. could be a nor'easter but guess what? the cold air is too far north and we get rain. wednesday a few lingering showers and then thursday back
10:35 pm
to sun. >> i like that. >> in the 50s. >> we're all good. no complaints around here. >> can't keep us down. >> that's right. >> thank you kathy. >> you bet. >> there's an app palling video making the rounds on facebook. that, that's a toddler smoke wagon looks like, you heard me right, smoke wagon looks like pot and getting high. >> what? >> incredibly this gets worse, kathy. i mean amazing. what police say is happening behind the camera and -- you're not cooperating with me. i've been wrapped up like a biscuit in a piece of plastic for three days. >> going off about what he's forced to wear in jail. what he's accused of of doing that got him in jail in the first place. now with tomorrow's traffic here's bob kelly. good evening, everybody. watch for brand new pattern and a shut down of one of the ramps here on knife. the girard of a slip ramp to go north on 95 closed earlier today.
10:36 pm
pushing everybody on to richmond street to gain access to 95 north that's as the next phase of that 95 construction. who is ready to light the tree? we got a couple for you tomorrow. the tree lighting ceremonies will take place at christmas village, the river rink along delaware avenue and down the shore in west cape may. of course, christmas traffic jams coming with all the tree lighting ceremonies tomorrow. we'll check the jam cams. sue with that great weekend forecast. i'll see you tomorrow beginning at 4:00.
10:37 pm
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♪ this is some shocking video out of the chicago posted on facebook. shows a toddler appearing to smoke marijuana an adult camera coaching him the whole time. the little boy daze the from the pot. community activist saw the video online and immediately called police. officers got pretty good idea who the adult is. >> a warning about what sure to be one of season's hot testify toys. starting to see them under more and more feet but what some call the coolest new way to get around has some hidden dangers. no major regulations restrict hover boards here in the us. but across the atlantic, safety
10:40 pm
officials are cracking down the uk's national trading standards group received 15,000 imported hover boards. they have major safety risks. many of the cheaper models come with unsafe chargers that can overheat or even explode. we did a report about a house that caught on fire because of one. >> yeah. a lot of them out there now. uber makes getting around easy enough. that you know it can be a pain when you mix up your driver with somebody else's. the company has her your feedback and test agnew color coding system to match rider with the driver. it's called uber spot. users can select and hold down one of six colors on the app. their phone screen likes up in that color making it easier for drivers to find them. they're testing spot in ooh sat tell but could offer it nationwide fit goes well. >> fox 29 family grew by one today. good day's bus stop buddy has been feeling a little lonely lately. >> so sad. so this morning on good day, he went in search of a friend.
10:41 pm
buddy even brought his skates over to penn's landing looking for someone to hit the ice with. look at him right there. turns out, the person he's been looking for was right here at fourth and mark the whole time. see her? that's weekend wendy. say high to weekend wendy. "good day philadelphia" is going to seven days a week and wendy is coming along for the ride. just like buddy she'll be showing us what to where out and about every morning. you can catch kenned wendy and y starting at 8am. >> it's a billion dollar people people in our area stealing cigarettes how it could be connected to terrorism. >> philly's own will smith says he owes all of his success to one ex-girlfriend. what happened in west philly that got him on his way.
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>> you're not cooperating with me. i've been wrapped up like a biscuit in a piece of plastic for three days. >> very descriptive this guy is going off on a michigan jail from jail. he's up sit about his outfit. francis, broke into churches across detroit and stole checks and cash. his outfit he can't stand it's a jail issued jumpsuit.
10:45 pm
>> where are my clothes i had on. >> stop. >> where are my clothes i had on. >> i have to set a bond in a few minutes. >> he faces charges connected to four church thefts and authorities say he may be behind a fifth he face as long as 10 years in prison. >> it's a $10 billion a year problem and now it's sweeping across our area. a crew of thieves breaking into stores to steal cartons and cartons of cigarettes. those cigarettes are then sold on the black-market. >> fox 29's dave schratwieser explains how it could all be used to fund the mob even terrorists. ♪ >> quick fast and hit you hard. >> reporter: that's the way veteran detectives describe this group of stealth thee thieves that have taken our area by storm. they've hit 15 times in philadelphia and bucks county in recent weeks. making off with tens of thousands of dollars in cigarettes under the cover of
10:46 pm
darkness. >> by the time the alarm goes off the police are on the way they're gone. >> disgusting. ♪ >> reporter: jeff brown knows the stink of these masked bandits all too well. they busted into his store on franklin mills circle twice and got away scott free. >> buffed the glass on the front door. went in, got the cigarettes, got some cash on the way out and got some beer. >> reporter: he's carefully disguised bandits spent the past two months breaking into gas stations, big named pharmacies like walgreens and beer stores where hundreds of cartons of cigarettes costing 90 to $100 a carton have been stolen. >> they're in and out in a few seconds and load them in a u-haul truck. >> reporter: in this burglary caught on surveillance cameras two suspects place free standing signs in front of this philly gas station on bustleton avenue in the northeast. broke through the front door, crawled and side and began loading cartons of cigarettes
10:47 pm
into 55-gallon trance cans. they made off with over $9,000 in cigarettes. >> there's almost like they were going in for demolition. >> it's not the money. it's the mess to clean up. glass all over the floor and to be open by 9:00 o'clock and nobody know that we were ever hit. note. >> it's been an issue over the last couple months. this stuff is worth thousands if not in some cases could be into the millions depending on the organizations they're involved with. >> reporter: bensalem police say the cigarette bandits have struck more than half dozen times there. including three times at this 76 gas station on knights road. >> a lot of them being sold out of back of cars, on the streets, kind of the black-market. quick cash. no questions asked. >> reporter: heron says his detectives arrested one suspect already and carefully tracking others while building a case against them. police are using surveillance video, fingerprints, even d inform a to track down the illusive thieves. >> you're leaving your dna behind anywhere you go. if we can get your dna, we get dna off of a product, we'll do
10:48 pm
it. >> any time they can make money criminals will look to take advantage of that. >> reporter: agent steve barth hollow me of atf says stealing cigarettes by the carton is a $10 billion a problem nationwide. big-time rip offs have been occurring across the country now the big-time burglaries have come to our area. >> it goes from the local market to the black-market which drives the price and the profits for these individuals probably making 200 times what they would on a pack of cigarettes. >> so what happens to all of those stolen cigarettes once they disappear off of store shelves here in philadelphia and bucks county? investigators say, they end up on the black-market being resold on the street, peddled to mom and pop stores tax free or sometimes they even end up in the hands of a big-time criminal organizati organization. >> that's not shocking. there's other things over the years they've found a niche to. when they find a niche, they do it until we can shut it down.
10:49 pm
>> victims of these crimes usually cigarette trafficking are consumers, the merchants and the taxpayers. >> reporter: police say it's not unusual to find stolen cigarettes sold right out of the pack at local transportation hubs. these entrepreneural thieves call them lucys as in loose cigarettes or onsies as in one at a time. black-market traffickers don't have to pay the steep taxes on cigarettes and can make up to 20 bucks a pack selling them like that. >> they'll sell one cigarette to you for a dollar or 50 cents or 75 cents. >> reporter: federal authorities have gone as far as saying the multi billion dollars stolen zig will he trafficking business now rivals drug dealing as a means for terrorist groups to raise money for the purchase of firearms and explosives. experts say groups like al-qaida, hamas, even the irish republican army have used funds from illegal cigarette trafficking not to mention the russian mob and italian mob. >> they use it to fund other illegal activities.
10:50 pm
>> reporter: all this leads back to the impact on our area. investigators say trafficking in stolen and black mark cigarettes hurts taxpayers, local government and business owners like jeff brown. >> he took every pack of cigarettes we had in the store. >> reporter: big loss to you. >> very big loss. >> obviously an issue. now we're seeing it here. where we weren't before. >> people are making a ton of money of it. >> reporter: philadelphia police and bucks county detectives have joined together in a task force trying to track down these beg-time burglars. investigators admit there is no quick fix to this $10 billion problem. dave schratwieser fox 29 news. >> we now know the secret behind will smith's success. >> philadelphia favorite says he owes it all to an ex-girlfriend. in a recent interview in variety the actor says a teenaged heartbreak inspired him to go into show business. smith says when he was 15 his girlfriend cheated on him he
10:51 pm
says he thought if he became the most famous enter at a trainer on earth his next girlfriend would not cheat on him. he has new movie coming out this month called can you go braced on the brain trauma in nfl players. >> i'm looking forward to seeing that movie and i haven't seen creed yet. can't wait to see that one either. >> howard eskin. >> we're all seeing movies. >> bring the popcorn. >> former phillie who got 37 million bucks didn't throw a pitch for the team decided he now wants to play again. but not with the phillies and the eagles will get one player back for the game on sunday, and one player still injured. all that's coming up in sports. ♪ this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever.
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♪ the eagles have some games left on the schedule. five in the regular season. they are not a good football team. we know that, but they are still alive for the division title with a terrible nfc east. i know it's crazy. it's the patriots on sunday in foxboro, massachusetts. eagles 10-point underdogs. but the eagles need their starting quarterback back and sam bradford was back for a full practice for the second straight day. but no running back ryan matthews. i'm told he will not play still with that concussion. that hurts a little bit. but what about the health of the quarterback sam bradford? >> he's alive. (laughter). >> he's good. he threw yesterday and did a nice job. again i think it's the residual part of it, you know, is he any more sore? we got another big
10:55 pm
day of throwing today. we'll see where he is and then trying to figure out what goes on friday and saturday but it's not anything we're like wow that didn't go well. >> all right. the patriots have lost two wide receivers and their tight end rob grant could you ski for this game but one player they still have that makes it work that would be that tom brady. he's now playing with footballs that are not deflated but he's still the player that makes that team go. >> he's making checks but he only got so much time and we got to make sure we keep in contact with the play clock, because it's only so many checks deck before we got to give away our hasn't at the end. so if we can hold it a little that's usually how you beat those type of quarterbacks holding and disguising trying to confuse him. >> no snow on sunday in foxboro. more on the eagles and patriots this sunday morning 10:00 o'clock on fox 29 "game day live". the afternoon game double lett letter. seahawks/vikings at 1:00. eagles and patriots at 4:25. he's the pitcher that stole money from the phillies. he didn't throw a pitch last
10:56 pm
season yet he took $37 million for his time here with the phillies. cliff lee suffered anally bow injury. now he want to come back to a team and pitch next season. not the phillies. lee ever attempted to come back and pitch for the phillies last season. he never wanted to be part of this team and he is a joke. all right. some people think chip kelly can be arrogant with the media. it's nothing like the almighty head coast alabama team nick, he has an angry snarl at the media when the questions -- when they talk about some of the cupcakes on the alabama schedule this year. and just lost his defensive coordinator kirby smart who will become the head coach of the georgia. how does that messiah of coaches feel? >> there is no more. i know you would like to some kind of way extract something out of this bottle. that's not there. it's not there. this bottle to respond to it i don't know anything more than that. i told you everything i know. so you can ask the bottle but
10:57 pm
don't ask me. >> hmm. >> you know what, i don't want to ask him either because he is an arrogant creep. but he can coach and he's got players. (laughter). >> i want to see. i want to see in you a news conference with him. i want to see that one. >> i'm going. >> all right. >> thanks for watching. have a good night. >> bye. this holiday, ford america's best-selling brand is giving you more. the ford holiday sales event... with 0% financing for 60 months on 2015 f-150 and focus and 2016 fusion and escape. plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on 2015 focus and 2016 fusion and escape. it's the best gift ever. now during the ford holiday sales event get 0% financing for 60 months plus 1,000 dollars holiday bonus cash on select vehicles. see your local ford dealer.
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>> today on "tmz" -- >> kylie jenner, she actually has some supporters who think it's ok for her to pose in a wheelchair as a dominatrix. >> we got ali stroker out in new york. we asked her about the kylie jenner photos, and asked her if she was offended by it. harvey: there are plenty of people on television who are not blind. >> but they play a gay character -- >> but that's not a disability. >> we have liam hemsworth. he looked good! we started asking about chris brown. australia is not letting chris brown in, what do you think about that? >> oh, i don't know his story. that's devastating. >> he's just dripping in sarcasm. >> he's just the cutest kid. >> he is. >> you can tell he will take it or leave it kind of thing. >> i'll take it.


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